Are you ready to meet your new IT Infrastructure?

Virtualization gives your business 99.99% uptime 365 days a year.



The crown jewel of our company.

We virtualize everything – desktops, servers, applications.

You company workforce needs to be flexible and mobile? Be able to work from anywhere – home, airport, internet cafe. From a computer, table, phone while having all the company data available on a most secure way. We specialize in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Mobile device management solutions that will give your company  the most secure, flexible and cost effective solution for your end user computing.

You still have those old servers that crash occasionally or having hard time to back them up and revert when fail – It’s time to virtualize them and have it all done right. We can migrate the all servers to a crispy clean virtual enviorment with little or no downtime and impact to your business.

Cloud Integrations and Migrations

Old mail server or an outdated CRM you are still hosting on premises? – no worries!

We can help you migrate it all to the cloud.
Any Exchange to Office 365 migrations and integrations. Your file, printer server or phone system to Azure, AWS or Google Cloud. Your Active Directory or your custom built in-house application – you name it. we migrate it!

We will evaluate your infrastructure, find the best solution for your company and execute it with minimum to no downtime.


We got your back, so you can pay attention the the important things in your business.

We offer FREE one year support to all integrations and solutions provided by “Virtualize with US”

We also have 24/7 and 8/5 support programs for any business and infrastructure need.

When technology becomes a work of art.


We are a team of IT professionals with dozens of project in our background. Virtualize with Us is all about building virtual infrastructures and to help you company to develop an optimized, healthy, secure infrastructure and at the same time to maximize you IT costs and your IT support expenses.

My name is Ivo Mirchev founder of Virtualize with Us. I’m one of the first VMWare certified engineers in Europe and I have more than 14 years of experience virtulizing infrastructures. I work with top professionals in their respective areas to provide the best quality IT solutions on the market.


Jaco Louw

Jaco Louw

The Architect

Ivo Mirchev

Ivo Mirchev

The Manager

Angelo Chiu

Angelo Chiu

The Engineer

The best way to find out if someone is trustworthy is to simply take the plunge and trust them.


We are proud to work hand in hand with the best professionals and vendors in order to provide the most productive and cost-effective solutions on the market.

One of our goals is to stand by the businesses across the world and show that the digital transformation is not a myth.

The future in IT is here and now and we are dedicated to work with you in order to achieve your business goals and stand in front of the competition.


How Covid-19 Pandemic forced the digital transformation?

How Covid-19 Pandemic forced the digital transformation?

Millions of companies around the world are forced to  quickly  reorganize their workforce – the way they communicate, collaborate, access company data and resources. The digital transformation is knocking on the door and companies who act upon it will move steps ahead...

Top 10 key benefits of Desktop Virtualization

Top 10 key benefits of Desktop Virtualization

 Are you tired of your IT department rising costs?  Do you want to have a predictable budget for the next 3 or 5 years?Migrating or building new virtual desktop infrastructure has never been easier – constantly reduced prices of the virtualization technology...

Guide to calculating your VDI Costs

Guide to calculating your VDI Costs

 Are you tired of your IT department rising costs?  Do you want to have a predictable budget for the next 3 or 5 years?See how Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can save up to 50% of your IT department purchases and operational costs! In order to find the best solution...

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“The encounter between two businesses is like when two chemical substances come into contact. If a reaction occurs between them, they both undergo a transformation.”

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