How Covid-19 Pandemic forced the digital transformation?

Millions of companies around the world are forced to  quickly  reorganize their workforce – the way they communicate, collaborate, access company data and resources.

The digital transformation is knocking on the door and companies who act upon it will move steps ahead of their competition.

What did we learn so far from the Covid virus pandemic and what has changed in the way that companies operate:
  • .Tens of thousands of organizations upper management have realized that a lot of the jobs and tasks can be easily done remotely, or from a home office.
  • Company managements have come to terms that the digital transformation, virtual desktops, virtual workspaces, cloud integrated solutions, and managed services are the way to go.
  • It is also clear that the decision makers can collaborate with third party companies and freelancers to quickly adapt to the new pandemic situation. New ways of project approvals, budgeting and executions are to be adopted. That includes:
    – delivery of goods and services and alternative payment methods organized by governments and businesses;
    – online video conferences and seminars, trainings and meetings in just a few days’ time.
  • Employees and students have proven that they can be focused and productive not only with regard to their employers and organizations, but also to themselves as well. This will create a more genuine bond and better trust among people.
  • A lot of people are volunteering and donating to different causes, which improves the work ethic and professional norms, and elevates morale.
  • thousands of online trainings and education resources have been released free online, so when this pandemic comes to an end, people will be better educated with improved skills and wider knowledge.

How Virtualize with Us can assist your organization in the process of digital transformation during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond:

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