Top 10 key benefits of Desktop Virtualization

 Are you tired of your IT department rising costs?

 Do you want to have a predictable budget for the next 3 or 5 years?

Migrating or building new virtual desktop infrastructure has never been easier – constantly reduced prices of the virtualization technology components and the easy integration makes it suitable for any kind of organizations, from startups to enterprises.

At the same time providing rock solid security, flexibility and mobility and all that will save your company up to 50% of your current IT budget.

Maybe it’s time to step up and consider virtualization for your company?

Let me give you my top 10 key benefits of VDI

Reduced IT costs – the rapid evolving desktop virtualization technologies in the recent years have made it much more affordable for companies.

VDI can save you as much as 50% of your IT budget.

For more detailed information how much it can save your company please read our article here

Staff mobility – providing people access to your company desktops and application changes dramatically the way your company operates. VDI can be accessed from mobile devices, tablets, airports public terminal or your employee’s personal devices at home.

Virtual desktop connection to the datacenter requires very little bandwidth and can be accessed even with a 2G or 3G network makes it accessible from everywhere around the globe.

Disaster recovery – DR has never been easier with your virtualized infrastructure. Let’s say in case of a flooding or storm in your office. You can easily send everyone home and they can work with the exactly same environment like in the office.

In case of emergency in your datacenter, especially if you have more than one sites your VDI can easily be recovered to the other location within minutes. Even if you have only one datacenter and it’s completely destroyed you can recover all the infrastructure within a day or two.

Rock Solid Security – As your VDI runs in your datacenter you can monitor and control all the information coming in and out. Patching with all the latest security updates and comply with every security policy is easily managed in your infrastructure with just a few clicks.

Your users have access from any device and any location and all that is done in the most secure way giving no chance for any attacks or company information leakage, as apps and desktops are encapsulated and have no touch point with the access client environment.

You can also implement Multi-Factor Authentication for an extra layer of security when accessing your company resources. Having all those makes your sensitive information secure and the chances of an attack are down to zero.

Flexibility – your users are using different applications and different settings performing their task.

VDI gives you the flexibility to customize and provision different setup based on specific users, or departments, or locations. All this is done with a single click on a single interface which also reduces your IT Staff workload.

Provisioning – Desktops and applications are provisioned within a few minutes. This allows you to onboard your new employees with all the necessary tools, software and access levels with just a few clicks.

Without hardware purchase planning and waiting, without setup of operating system and software VDI provisioning is lighting fast and simplified.

IT Stuff demand – Centralized VDI administration allows one IT person to support 100-200 or even thousands of desktops.

New Microsoft updates, or security patches – provisioning all over your environment can be done by a single person for minutes.

Clean office environment – no big tower desktop boxes, no noisy fans collecting dust and disturbing others.

Clients used to access your VDI can be even attached or integrated in a monitor providing clean environment and more office space.

Backup – backups of all your infrastructure to a local and offsite location.

Backup solution for all the data you have can be easily automated on storage and file level. All the virtual infrastructure can easily be replicated to a remote branch or cloud.

Power efficiency – Thin client together with your virtual desktop consume 3 times less energy than traditional desktop saving you a lot from your monthly office bills.

Also, Thin clients don’t have fans and don’t produce excessive heat witch also reduce your air conditioning costs.

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